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The city of Thetford

Thetford is a civil parish and market town in Norfolk, England. It is part of the Breckland district and is home to more than 24,300 permanent residents. The town covers an area of 29.55 sq km and is located to the south of Thetford Forest.

The town used to be the capital of East Anglia. It is a historical town that makes it an ideal place to get to know the history and heritage of England. In this town, you can explore over 2,000 years worth of history and culture. The town is a witness to thirteen spectacular periods of England’s past. Each era that has come and gone left a mark in Thetford and these are still visible up to this very day.

From the very beginning, it is believed that the town of Thetford held and important role as the tribal centre back in the Iron Age and Roman period. The archeological findings uncovered various Romano-British metalworks that are currently being displayed at the British Museum. This is only a part of what you will see in this town so you should really plan a vacation so you can personally get to know each detail.

This beautiful town is blessed with a very pleasant weather condition. Thetford has a temperate climate with light precipitation throughout the year. As you browse through thetfordse.co.uk, you will get to know various activities that you can do around this historical town.

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